The bathroom has changed! It has become living space that reflects a lifestyle and is no longer an extra room, but is becoming the heart of a flat or a house. Bathroom today should evoke all senses, free the mind, accept innovative demands and follow the trends. In order to enable this, each detail must be carefully chosen, each shape must be the right one and each function perfect. All these are the features that make the first-rate quality of Jacuzzi sanitation.

Jacuzzi ceramics are characterized by their unchangeable gloss, resisting the general physical and chemical factors and ensure maximum hygiene owing to their nonporous and innovative solutions protected by the Jacuzzi patent.

Jacuzzi sanitation features the latest conception of materials and design purity that evoke senses. They create a conceptual unity and give the space character and personality in order to transform the bathroom into a room of unique and personal style. All the Jacuzzi sanitation is a perfect complement to the Jacuzzi tub and shower design.

One should not forget that the line is signed by Pinifarina. The purity of its shape emphasizes the most advanced technology and represents the concept of modern setup which, visually and space-wise, transforms bathroom space. The complete series of sanitation, washbasins, toilets and bidets enables the creation of space of individuality sustained by a homogeneous style in tune with the rest of the rooms in the house. Their gloss accentuates the bathroom equipment creating the play of harmony and contrast. Elegance, simplicity, functionality and uniqueness are the features of Jacuzzi sanitation. They enhance boon, harmony of the body and soul at the same time being the original and innovative concept with each element being a part of a unique aesthetic solution.

Besides washbasins, bidets, toilets, ceramics and other sanitary products, Jacuzzi also offers a big selection of faucets. Jacuzzi faucets are attractive, pleasant to touch, simple for everyday use and can be installed in all parts of the bathroom, from baths and showers to sanitation.

For more information see the catalogue, offering a few hundred pages of ideas, information and pictures of the various lines of Jacuzzi products. If that is not enough and you would like to know more, we would be grateful if you contacted us!

Each bathroom detail could have a Jacuzzi signature!